How Do I Get RC For Free ?

Of course, you can buy RC (Ranch Cash) using your credit card, mobile phone or online bank account, but there are cheaper ways. In the game, you can earn free RC by:

  • Accomplishing missions and leveling up
  • Login to the game every day (Consecutively) and build up a long chain of login days.
  • Participating in an RC Mania activity (we give away 1 free RC once or twice a week).

Consecutive chain of Login Days and Daily Login Bonus

Every day you login to the game, you get a Login Bonus. If you login every day, the bonus will increase. If you login every day, you will get 1 or more RC every week. - If you login every day for 1 week, you get 1 RC after this week. - If you login every day for 2 weeks, you get 2 RC. - If you login every day for 3 weeks, you get 3 RC. And so on, until you reach the maximum amount of 10 RC per week.

I forgot to login today. Now what?

If you forget to login to the game for 1 day, you don’t need to start building up your chain of login days all over from the beginning. If you forget to login for 1 day, you will only lose 1 week (7 days) in your chain of daily logins. For every day that you don’t login, you lose 7 login days. (But you can never have less than 0 login days in your chain.)

Last Modified : December 11, 2012, 4:33 pm
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